Wow! That was quite stunning. I just watched it for the second time and spotted so many clues that I missed the first time. Hard to categorize and define, a subtle blend of Pan’s Labyrinth, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and an Agatha Christie mystery. Well written, extremely well acted and beautifully realised; the music was both haunting and mesmerising, adding so much to the atmosphere of the piece. Jim Carter was suitably menacing as the Compere, Benedict Cumberbatch excellent, as ever, as the bewildered father and Lindsay Duncan superb as the Ice Queen. Barbara Flynn was fabulous too. Great ensemble piece with no weak points at all. Would recommend it unreservedly. The more times you watch it, the better it gets. Great debut. Looking forward to seeing what Susan Luciani comes up with next.

Evelyn Andrews

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This film is a thing of true beauty! Mysterious, poetic and (by the end) so heart-wrenching, it will move you deeply and leave you in tears. I really loved it! What an impressive achievement by an amazing director and brilliant cast.
Amanda Katz

Exceptionally good piece of work! 5 stars

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Ethereal, stunning cinematography. Sumptous colour palette. Amazing film and I love the fact that Benedict, even though his career is on rocket boosters can lend his time and talents to a smaller independent film. It shows his integrity as an actor. The cast is a sparkling blend. Bewitching….

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Watched Burlesque Fairytales… definitely worth it if you like a taste of something different…
Tumblr review

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Beautifully done! Thank you! 5 stars

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Wow! Well worth the wait! So emotionally engaging and thought provoking. Loved it!